Babies you’ll have sung and danced to The Wheels on The Bus nursery rhymes end number of times. Have you’ll ever thought about your favorite kids song that can give you’ll more than just happiness? It can add a lot more to your playtime fun! The rhyme can teach you new dance moves! That too for each of its stanzas. Here’s how – the bus sways left to right as its wheels go round and round all through the town. You’ll can sway left to right to that. When the doors on the bus go open and shut. You’ll can place your palms in front of your face and move your hands sideways in a ‘now i see it, now i don’t’ kind of movement. When the wipers on the bus go swish swish swish. You’ll can raise your hands in the air and play the wipers. So, guess we’ve given you’ll enough ideas. Do tell us about the funky dance steps you’ll came up with while listening to the song!