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This fictional Kaiserreich Documentary series explores the althistory timeline of the world’s most popular fan-built althistory IP, ‘Kaiserreich’. In the world of Kaiserreich, Germany and her Central Power allies win WW1, leading to a world very different from our own.

In the fifth episode of this tentpole series, Kaiserreich developers and KCC writers explore Germany’s interwar years. Emerging as the supreme Great Power after winning the Great War, the German Empire faces many challenges. France is on the brink of a Syndicalist revolution, and Russia is in the throes of civil war. Her newly won Eastern European territories inspire the ambitious Reichstag to carve new nations out of the old Russian Empire. The future in Europe will be a German one, led by a powerful alliance of conservative monarchies, guarding the balance. But as the world outside the German sphere burns, how long can this peace last?

Edited by DAY
Written by the Kaiserreich Germany team, Moritz Lehmann, Gabriel Matsakis, Vincent De Nil
Produced by VINCENT DE NIL


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00:00 Intro – The Great War
03:30 1920 – The Fall of Ludendorff, thaw of the German autocracy
09:28 1920 – The Age of Reform
09:24 1917 – October Revolution & Russian Civil War
14:10 1921 – The Scarlet Shadow
19:28 Talking Heads – The Agent
22:15 The Formation of Mitteleuropa
25:59 United Baltic Duchy
26:31 Lithuania
27:00 Poland
29:22 White Ruthenia (Belarus)
31:00 Ukraine
32:28 Finland
34:24 1927 – The Gathering Storm
39:15 Talking Heads: Louise Lacroix
42:33 Outro & Acknowledgements