What if Germany won World War I

– Then the world would not be the same anymore!
Here is the whole movie of my mini-series which is about an alternative history of the World War I. Over a year ago, a similar movie (Only the first part) appeared on my channel, but because I lost all files, I couldn’t continue it, but now I decided to do everything again in much better quality and most importantly I will finish this series and everything is going to be in both languages – Polish and English!

– Music:

🎵 [No Copyright Music] vs Queen – (Royalty Free Epic Music)
🎵 Epic Battle Music (No Copyright)
🎵 Ansia Orchestra – Alla Till Mig [Epic/Cinematic/Orchestral][MFY – No Copyright Music]
🎵 Trailer Cinematic Epic Music by Infraction [No Copyright Music] / The Serious Things
🎵 A Himitsu – Cosmic Storm
🎵 A Himitsu – Two Places
🎵 Mattia Turzo – Infinito