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Two sisters unknowingly fall in love with the same man… An unforgettable love story follows…
The story involves two sisters fighting for the same rich and powerful man; a man willing to stand by his love through thick and thin, and a woman torn between her family and society’s values. The viewer continually questions whether it is easier to be loyal or to betray those we love. Someone new enters Harun’s life by a bizarre coincidence as he is preparing to marry. He is a descendant of the Arslanlı family and she is the most extraordinary woman he has ever met. They meet on a weekend vacation and have an alcohol-fuelled one-night stand. He regrets this night, as he is already engaged to another woman, and puts it down to a moment of weakness. When he tells her he will never see her again, she is devastated. The real tragedy begins when she comes face to face with him again at her sister’s engagement ceremony; he is her sister’s fiancé and her future brother-in-law. Harun realizes that he is madly in love with her, but this dangerous liaison only leads from one tragedy to another in all their lives.

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