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This is a podcast where I watch the full movie of Thor Love And Thunder (2022)

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❐ Episode Summary ❏
On this episode my special guest Tamsin from the “Pop Goes The Tam Tam” podcast joins me as we both watch the newest MCU film “Thor: Love and Thunder”. This movie was my pick for this episode because I have completely lost interest with all Marvel films since after Endgame was released. During this episode we talk about why Marvel movies are so dull and formulaic, British versus southern American accents, Thor’s character being a copycat of Deadpool and of course why the newest phase of the Avengers are boring.

❐ Review/Appreciation ❏
This is honestly one of the worst superhero films I’ve ever seen but however this movie did give me a moment that I absolutely loved in all of the MCU era. I really loved they hinted at Infinity and Eternity. I love the galaxy side of marvel so much so its awesome to see that in this film and for that I appreicate this movie moive or at least just the last 10 mins. Now with that said this film has no plot and reverts its main protagonist back to a state which we already saw him in the first Thor movie. The fact Thor is going on this journey of self discovery AGAIN makes no sense whatsoever.Natalie Portman wasn’t really good in this which isn’t surprising, normally she does enough in her films just to get by. At this point I don’t know what the MCU has in store next for the other Phases but at this point who the heck cares. I give this film a 3/10.

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❐ Time Stamps ❏
(0:00). Intro

(3:43). Pop Goes The Tam Tam Podcast

(5:48). Movie Starts.

(6:07). Accents.

(14:31). Turned Down Loki Contract

(17:49). Chris Hemsworth Conversation.

(28:21). MCU Comedy

(36:03). New Asgard?

(41:55). Super Powers I Want.

(1:01:15). Best Greek Mythology Story.

(1:14:02). Howard The Duck!

(1:21:51). The Space Side of Marvel.

(1:32:58). Jane’s Character Is Disrespectful.

(1:37:51). The Kids HAve The Power Of Zeus.

(1:44:20). Eternity and Infinity Lore Talk.

(1:54:29). Final Thoughts/Appreciation.