One day in India Video and musik — no prank
India – Scenic Relaxation Film With Relax Music

But you know india very well.
In india when women want a child they worship snakes.

The practice of self-knowledge is not the only thing in the culture of india that attracts people.

Many interesting weapons came to us from ancient india, but among all the guns, haladie the most dangerous.

This video will allow you not only to enjoy new places, but also to get to know India better.

The video and music were recorded while traveling in India.
The minimum number of comments, only India music, photos and videos.
Some comments in subtitles

Embark on a relaxing journey to some of the most beautiful places on Earth
A journey through all the countries of the world would be a mere symbolic journey.
Winning means everything; the path there, very little.
Journey through beautiful scenery, relaxing music.
A good alternative is quiet, relaxing music that has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
Soothing and relaxing music will help you cope with stress and energize you for the whole day.
You can watch another video to enhance the effect – link at the end of the video to the next relaxing video.

The perfect dose of adrenaline and beautiful scenery is a whole new way to experience India.

No comments — Only India sounds
Relaxing music and video of India

It’s good to have you here!

0:02 One day in India Video relax — no prank
0:27 Raj Kapoor, Bollywood
0:38 Taj Mahal
01:16 Digambar Jain Temple, New Delhi
02:26 Muntains Himalayas Spiti Halley Himachal Pradesh
03:37 Cable car descending from Gun Hills, Landur Mussoorie, India
04:25 Muntains Himalayas
05:00 Old Manali village in Kullu Valley Himachal Pradesh India
05:48 Mahatma Gandhi
06:26 Bada Bagh
07:14 Holi — Festival of colors
09:08 Mumbai
10:56 Lamayuru Monastery (Yuru Gompa)
12:23 Sadhu
12:31 Ellora cave in Maharashtra, India
14:17 Jaipur
15:00 Manali
15:23 Ladakh Shyok river
16:03 Himachal Pradesh
16:43 Swamp Rainawari Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir
17:04 Gurgaon Haryana
17:43 Goa
18:19 Darbar Sahib or Golden Temple
18:32 Mauritius Blue Bay Beach
20:52 Udaipur
21:14 Taj Mahal hotel
22:47 Red Fort or Lal Qila
24:22 Krishna’s Butterball
25:41 Jaipur

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They say that you will never know a country until you get into its prisons – but we will try to get to know India without it

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I create videos about different countries and cities.
Each video conveys the country’s spirit.
Therefore, the video uses the music of the country where the trip takes place.
Videos and photos are taken from my personal collection and a selection of other travelers.
To convey the country’s spirit, all comments are subtitled in the video playlist.
Each viewer of the video can make his personal impression of the country.
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