NOTE: Sophia University IS Jochi Daigaku. The Japanese name for Sophia is “Jochi”(上智), so that’s why we sometimes say Sophia, and at other times say “Jochi”. Daigaku means University.

Shizuka Anderson and Max D. Capo talk about our experiences going to college in Japan at Sophia University specifically in Tokyo.
What are the good and bad things about university life in Japan based on our experiences?

We go into some personal anecdotes from our experience at Sophia.
Max went to Sophia 2010-2013 after doing 2 years at North Carolina State University 2008-2010
Shizuka went to Sophia 2010-2014

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Preview
0:49 Life in Japanese college intro
4:00 Why we chose to go to a Japanese university
6:57 Choosing Sophia University in Tokyo
9:18 Old Japanese cell phones were so high tech
13:30 Max choosing his study abroad in Japan
17:33 University is SO EASY in Japan
20:31 The PRIVILEGE of Student ID cards and shocking the cops
23:24 Low difficulty level to get into Sophia as a foreign student
30:31 Famous, creative people at Sophia
36:38 Students were “less mature”, Orientation, and drinking underage
41:10 Drinking in college underage, orientation continued
44:18 Japanese College is not hard by design
49:40 How Japanese students aren’t proactive in class
56:00 Max punching his friend in cafeteria dressed as a Power Ranger
56:39 School festivals are a big thing at Univ.
1:00:13 Shizuka enters Miss Sophia contest
1:07:30 English speaking departments at Japanese universities in Tokyo are close-knit and party together
1:10:51 International Japanese people have a certain “look” to them
1:12:38 All around how we felt about college in Japan


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