A follow up to my video on Tuesday where conservatives where trying to claim video games as their own.

In this video we look at conservatives trying to say that clearly left wing movies are actually all about how great the right wing is – including Dredd, It’s a Wonderful Life and Fight Club Lmao

.00:00:00 – Conservapedia is hilarious and insane
00:04:24 – The Greatest Conservative Movies
00:04:37 – 1917
00:06:05 – Animal Farm
00:07:20 – Dredd (2012)
00:10:07 – Dunkirk
00:10:57 – Fight Club
00:15:52 – The Lord of the Rings
00:17:37 – Man of Steel
00:20:17 – Full Metal Jacket
00:21:27 – It’s a Wonderful Life
00:23:45 – Why Conservatives are so bad at analysing movies

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