G’day mates,
We have a ripper of podcast this week as Jake and Aaron discover Wired Unplugged Podcast is big in Melbourne. They also chinwag about the reaction to The Last of Us TV show, Stadia closing, Microsofts layoffs, Naming a 3D printer and the infestation of googly eyes in the Wired office. Chuck another shrimp on the barbie and rip open a cold one as you settle back to enjoy episode 47.

*Editors note: Apologies to our Australian viewers for the overuse of “Aussie” slang. Our copywriter was a huge Neighbours fan and got carried away.

00:00 – G’day and a Bonzer! Hello
05:49 – Tin Hearts News
10:17 – Bulwark News
14:30 – Gori News
16:44 – Conflict at Wired Towers
22:54 – A Googly-Eyed controversy
25:08 – Borderlands Movie viewer opinions
38:01 – The Last of Us TV debut
49:55 – Metal Gear teasing
56:20 – Callisto Protocol underperforms
01:04:38 – Outro

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