Explaining How Christopher Nolan Evolved Batman, Used Mythology, Drama, Competing Moral Philosophies (Vigilantism, Idealism Etc..), Utilitarianism, Nihilism, Moral Relativism & Psychological Torment to Create a Cinematic Reality.

00:00 – Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight
04:38 – I. Evolving Batman
09:15 – II. Mythology (Greek) and Drama
13:42 – III. The Battle of Competing Moral Philosophies
13:59 – i. Joker – Nihilism
15:25 – ii. Two Face – Relativism
16:25 – iii. Batman – Vigilante
17:14 – iv. Harvey Dent’s Naïve Idealism vs. Gordon’s Realistic Idealism
18:14 – v. Rachel’s Appeasement vs. Alfred’s Uncompromising Stance
21:53 – vi. Lucius – Checks and Balances
22:25 – IV. Utilitarianism
24:32 – V. Nihilism, Moral Relativism & Psychological Torment

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