Story Plot :
Sridhar narrates the preview as story of Kotwal Ramachandra in Bangalore Underworld in 1975, which is coincidentally with declaration of emergency by Indira Gandhi and led to grooming of M. P. Jayaraj as the uncrowned king in Bangalore. Mostly involving for terrorising people, Jayaraj seems to have got imprisoned for contempt of court for 10 years. After the death of Indira Gandhi, Jayaraj is released from prison and finds Kotwal Ramachandra to have taken his spot. Chetan is a business magnate, a Konkani Brahmin with a vast empire of his father who falls in love with Mallika, a dance teacher hailing from Vokkaliga community.

The couple’s relationship is not accepted by Chetan’s father Girish Nayak, who hires Kotwal Ramachandra to handle the case. Chetan learns about this and is perturbed mentally. For coming as a hardship, Chetan seeks vengeance on Kotwal and seeks Jayaraj to help him in his mission, but just before this, an incident takes place at Kanishka Hotel brings bad reputation for Chetan, who is suspected by the police. After his release, Chetan further strengthen his plan with Sridhar and Bachchan and they befriend Kotwal’s friend Siraj. Believing that Kotwal will be safe, Siraj sends this trio to Tumkur. However, Kotwal is killed when his right hand Shetty ditches him. After this, Girish realizes his mistake and unites Chetan and Mallika, who get married and lead a peaceful life.
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