0:00 Intro
5:54 China Reverses Ban On Marvel Movies
24:18 Superchats
31:28 Marvel Stans Seethe As ‘Avatar 2’ Surpasses ‘No Way Home’
50:16 Superchats
1:00:45 Candace Cameron Bure Says ‘The View’ Gave Her PTSD
1:22:35 Superchats
1:33:02 Criticizing Meghan Markle Is Wrongthink
1:54:39 Superchats
2:00:05 2023 Netflix Movie Lineup
2:14:34 Paramount+ Edits Bruises Out Of Jeremy Renner Promo Image?!
2:17:49 Superchats
2:18:17 Outro

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