The philosophy of education is the branch of applied philosophy that investigates the nature of education as well as its aims and problems. It includes the examination of educational theories, the presuppositions present in them, and the arguments for and against them.

0:00 Introduction
1:28 Students must be taught self-responsibility is the desire of the_teacher.
2:06 Of the following, which is the most powerful source of values like beauty and goodness outside the school system?
2:40 Of the following, which is the best way parents can support the learning development of their children?
3:50 Teacher Emie makes sure that he covers the essential subject content, while treating them sufficiency or in-depth. What guiding principle is he following for lesson
4:31 Which of the following is a quality of an engaging learning environment most reflective of Education For All (EFA)?
5:20 What is the main focus of the Schools Mean Success (SMS) concept for lifelong learning?
6:08 Of the following interventions, which is directly aimed at responding to the transitional gap between academic achievement and employment?
7:08 Learning is influenced by social interaction and interpersonal relations. What must a teacher do?
8:09 Which of the following refer to teamwork among teachers in classroom teaching?