Producers: Surinder Yadav
Creative Producer: Mahendra Yadav
Starring: Pratham, Sonal Monteiro, Rekha, Kuri Prathap
Music by Vikram Subramanya
Cinematography Krishna Sarathi
Director: Mourya
Music Director: Vikram Subramanya
Digital Managed By- Sp Digital Solution.
Digital Manager :- Mahendra .Y
Digital Email:-


Pratham is back on screen playing an extended version of his real self. He decides to take on a powerful minister by fighting her for her MLA post. He also happens to be in love with her daughter. Does he manage to win the post as well as the hearts of the mother-daughter duo?
This time, in his latest onscreen outing, reality television star Pratham plays a character that has all the antics that he has in real life. There is a definite improvement compared to his to his previous release. But, the film follows a hackneyed plot and is rather jagged in its narrative which makes it seem almost amateur at various moments.
The film is about a jobless activist Pratham who falls for a corrupt and power-hungry MLA and the minister’s daughter. Following an argument with the lady politician, he decides to contest against her and stand for elections. Does he manage to win the MLA post? Can he survive the world of politics with his idealistic views?
This plot of a man taking on the powerful mother of his lady love is often used in films. The film has some funny moments. But one wonders if those are enough to salvage an entire film. The one who stands in tall in this film is Sparsha Rekha. One can expect to see her in good roles in Sandalwood after this outing.

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