Life in Muizenberg, South Africa in the 1950s and 1960s. This collection of movies was shot by my mother, Miriam Millner nee Freedman. She paid for her cine camera and film by sewing and marketing children’s bikinis, long before such items could be purchased in the local beachware shops. Lots of footage here of Muizenberg in its heyday.
Featured (in no particular order) Miriam Millner , Gerald Millner, Sidney Sacks, Alf Freedman , Polly Freedman, Saul Freidman, Simon Millner snr,Simon Millner jnr, Gershon Millner, Jody Millner, Jaqueline Millner nee Kopman, Evan Millner (that’s me), Rose Millner nee Goldberg (Glass), David Spiro, Libby Reichman, Sibyl-Ann, assorted girls from the Capetown Teachers’ Training College (1950s), various relatives and sundry Muizenbergers.
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