Market ki Baat with Ritesh Jain | How to invest in stocks in 2023?

In this episode of Market ki Baat, we talk with Mr. Ritesh Jain, founder of investment firm Pinetree Macro. Here, Ritesh talks about why liquidity is more critical than fundamentals while investing, and how big a role do central banks play in controlling the same. Further, we move on to discuss recession in the US and why the Fed might not hike interest rates further. Ritesh also highlights an interesting correlation between gold and Fed rate hikes. Then, we discuss what investors should do in the current market scenario. Finally, Ritesh says that active funds are more likely to outperform passive funds in the current inflationary times. Watch the full episode now!

0:00 – Introduction
0:28 – About Ritesh Jain
1:36 – Why is liquidity more critical than fundamentals?
5:52 – Liquidity status of India
7:38 – How do central banks control liquidity?
12:53 – Why will the Fed not hike interest rates further?
16:47 – View about recession in the US
19:56 – What should investors do in current market scenario?
22:54 – How long will inflation last?
25:58 – Significance of high debt-to-GDP ratio
30:07 – Decoding the correlation between gold & Fed rate hikes
34:11 – Why did USA put sanctions on foreign exchange during Russia-Ukraine war?
38:55 – Why can active funds outperform passive funds during inflation?
44:18 – Conclusion

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