This is malayalam comedy full movie mazhathulli kilukkam .The story starts once Soloman (Dileep) and his sister trip kannadahalli to fulfill 2 retired academics. He reaches the house on prime of a hill-‘Swargam’ wherever he finds 2 recent girls UN agency live alone with a cook and a home nurse to seem once them. Alice (Sharada) and Pakistani monetary unit (Bharati) ar sisters UN agency ar spinsters and that they own the massive estate. the house nurse, Sophiya (Navya Nair), cook (Sukumari), cook’s son (Cochin Haneefa) and also the priest (Nedumudi Venu) ar the sole folks near them. Soloman takes charge because the manager of the estate and shortly wins over the 2 oldies.

He realizes that they’re 2 angels and he tries to bring back joy into their morbid life. Soon, Soloman becomes the apple of their eye and that they each think about him as their own son. in the meantime he falls smitten with the house nurse Sophiya with whom he had regular fights. Their wedding is mounted and also the sisters disclose all their wealth to each of them. the important twist within the story happens once Sophiya reveals to Soloman that her brother was a lensman UN agency got dead by some junkie students. Then throughout a flashback it’s discovered, Soloman contains a dark and distressful past. Soloman is really incorrectly suspect during a murder case of the lensman and is concealing from the police. Soloman is crammed with guilt and decides to go away the place on the pretext of upper education abroad. Sophiya overhears a speech communication between Soloman and his sister. Unaware of all this, Soloman goes to the academics and insists on them having payasam from him. in the meantime a awfully guilty Sophiya confesses to the priest concerning what she detected which she had poisoned Soloman’s payasam. simply then Soloman visits the priest and learns all this. Soloman rushes back solely to seek out the 2 academics dead. Soloman takes the social control for Sophie and once he comes out he goes to the tombs of Pakistani monetary unit and Alice John wherever he meets Sophie. The story finish with them deciding to measure along.