Beginner German with Herr Antrim will help you learn the basics of the German language, German grammar and German vocabulary. With this Complete German for Beginners Course at the A1 level with Herr Antrim you will learn German pronunciation, German conjugation, German word order, telling time in German and much more. This German for Beginners course includes 20 lessons on a variety of topics aimed at the A1 level of German learning. Timestamps to specific lessons within this course are linked below.

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0:00 Intro
1:35 Lesson #1.1 – German Vowel Pronunciation
10:15 Lesson #1.2 – German Consonant Pronunciation
23:11 Lesson #1.3 – German Consonant Combinations
29:53 Lesson #1.4 – German Pronunciation Practice with Tongue Twisters
37:40 Lesson #2 – German Greetings
44:53 Lesson #3 – German Farewells
54:09 Lesson #4 – Du vs Ihr vs Sie
1:03:36 Lesson #5 – What to Say If You Don’t Understand Something in German
1:10:13 Lesson #6 – The German Alphabet
1:17:49 Lesson #6.1 – German Alphabet Song
1:18:46 Lesson #6.2 – German Alphabet Skit
1:22:46 Lesson #7 – Was macht er? Popular German Verbs Vocabulary Building Exercise
1:26:59 Lesson #8.1 – German Subject Pronouns
1:33:47 Lesson #8.2 – German Present Tense Conjugation
1:45:57 Lesson #9 – Basic German Questions & Answers
2:00:35 Lesson #10 – German Question Words & Question Word Order
2:12:24 Lesson #11 – Describe Yourself in German
2:18:04 Lesson #12 – Present Tense of “sein”
2:21:51 Lesson #13 – Present Tense of “haben”
2:25:38 Lesson #14 – German Family Vocabulary
2:30:31 Lesson #15 – German Numbers 1-100
2:40:12 Lesson #16 – Time Word Order in German
2:48:42 Lesson #17 – Reading & Writing Dates in German
2:57:23 Lesson #18 – German Word Order Basics
3:03:18 Lesson #19 – Shopping Vocabulary in German
3:09:11 Lesson #20 – Your First German Conversation

Don’t Trust the Rabbit video about “Na”:
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Nationalities in German:

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