1962. Joseph, 13 years old, a choirboy and a true “light” of religion, set out to become Pope. Not less. Of Spanish origin, Angela and José, her parents, fled their country and misery to settle in a small village around Perpignan. Angela, sensual and beautiful to damn a saint, is an attentive and possessive mother. Joseph, this only son, she feels that she has received him as a gift from heaven. So she puts all her energy and maternal love overflowing to encourage the vocation of her son, unlike José who wishes for him a “normal” life, a life of man, simply. Pensioner at the junior seminary, Joseph is happy to be called, to be part of the elite, even if the atmosphere is not always the one he imagined. Fortunately, there are Louis and Emile, his two friends, and especially Sister Agnès, a young novice, a music teacher who must make her wishes at the end of the year. She will disturb Joseph by informing him of his uncertainties. Then come the questions: what if this vocation was only the desire of a mother not to share her son with other women? Returned a few days of the seminar for misbehavior, Joseph will have the opportunity to live in the village like other children his age and, perhaps to take taste.

Director: Emmanuel Gust
Writers: Emmanuel Gust, Richard Morgiève
Stars: Gaspard Génard Claus, Ángela Molina, Pierre Forest
Country of origin: France
Language: French
Also known as: The Kiss Under the Bell