For their honeymoon, Giovannino and Valentina go to the villa of his uncle Federico on Lake Iseo. Their first and subsequent nights are a failure, as she is shy and he, despite no difficulties with other women, cannot perform. News of this non-consummation spreads through the family and even into the town. To counter the shame, both Federico and the family lawyer offer to initiate Valentina, but she refuses. Tension mounts when Giovannino’s brother Gianfranco arrives with his insatiable German wife Brigitte.

Valentina’s mother Lucia also turns up to encourage her increasingly stressed daughter who, after a fierce family argument, runs out to the lakeside. Afraid she might attempt suicide, Giovannino and Lucia take a motor boat in search of her, but it runs out of fuel. A ferocious storm breaks and a young French tourist finds the soaked and shivering Valentina. Taking her to his tent, after getting her to strip and dry herself he quietly and tenderly takes her virginity. Meanwhile the soaked and shivering Giovannino and Lucia have paddled to shore and found shelter in a fisherman’s hut where, after stripping and drying, Lucia finds he has no difficulty in making love.

When all three have found their way back to Federico’s house in the morning, Lucia announces that Giovannino and Valentina will now come to live with her.

Movie: La moglie vergine (Valentina… The Virgin Wife)

Director: Marino Girolami

Stars: Edwige Fenech
Ray Lovelock
Renzo Montagnani
Antonio Guidi
Michele Gammino
Maria Rozaria Riuzzi
Florence Barnes
Carroll Baker
Gabriella Giorgelli

Writers: Carlo Veo
Marino Girolami

Release Date: 20 December 1975