For those who hadn’t herd, Sony released a new animation to showcase their catalogue of games: “PlayStation 4 Lineup Music Video Winter Mix” directed by Kevin Bao.
People started to notice some pretty glaring similarities to other artists work, and quickly deduced that Kevin Bao had traced massive portions of this animation!

This is the story of what happened here, but also a showcase of the diverse range of talented artists who were stolen from by this sleazeball.

Here are the amazing artist who were both stolen from, or in some way helped make this video possible. Please go give them some love! I genuinely hope you were able to find a new favourite artist or two to follow today 😀

HUGE shoutout to Catsuka for their initial work assembling the stolen clips into one convienant place, and putting a lot of eyes on this
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Porigoshi is supposedly the animator who worked on that Steven Universe Sequence
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BBWB animation
Oleg Kositsyn (BBWB anim) who made the cool dragon clip from LAST WORD, and the Spider-Man remake.
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Gobelins School
If you are interested in the larger work of the school, or maybe enrolling yourself, check out thier website! Otherwise I recommend their youtube channel where they share all sorts of amazing work from their students.
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The amazing student who stood up for their peers, and put together that painstaking compilation! Show them so big love please!
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Soveins Ten-Zen
The animation collective from Gobelins’
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Thea Glad
The animator who had their little cat stolen
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Alex Grigg
Chill dude, with a cool style, who likes to share with the animating community
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Collective that has been crushing it for 10+ years, responsible for The Ricochet Splended
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Delphine Dussoubs
The rockstar who works on music videos and music shows, as well as plenty of other outstanding pieces!
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Despite having worked on the video, Kevin cannot profit from it any further. So please don’t boycott their music/video. It’s still worth a listen!
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Golden Wolf Animation
Emmy Awards winners, that Kevin decided were worth ripping off twice in 1 video!
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