After a two year hiatus, the impossibly steep, King of the Hill hill climb has returned to the small town of Brightwater, New Zealand! And I was there with my trusty KTM Killer (electric start Yamaha YZ250 2 stroke) to meet it head on, and try and improve upon my performance from the last time, when I wasn’t quite able to get the speed necessary to clear the giant road gap jump half way up…

More than 50 riders attempted to climb the hill, and they were each given three go’s throughout the day… But did any make it up? This video tells the whole story in all it’s epic, engine screaming, bike flipping glory! I hope you enjoy it.


Ash Sowman
Bailey Basalaj
Bryan Heaphy
Ethan Bruce
Dan Shallcrass

Camera Operators:
Nicola Fleitas
Ash Sowman

Edited by:
Ash Sowman

Phone Footage:
Troy Steadman

0:00 Cold Opening
0:57 Intro
1:14 Backstory
2:36 Heat Racing – Round 1
6:09 King of the Hill – 1st Attempts
9:55 Heat Racing – Round 2
12:39 King of the Hill – 2nd Attempts
16:45 Heat Racing – Round 3
20:27 Finals
23:15 King of the Hill – 3rd Attempts
26:44 Prize Giving
27:33 A Special Thanks
29:24 End Screen