How to outsmart a narcissist. In today’s video, I share the eight best ways to disarm and outsmart a narcissist. I also provide you with additional resources so you will be rock-solid in your ability to use them.

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Hi, I’m Kenny 👋

I specialize in helping you heal from emotional hurt so you can elevate your life by helping you get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

I am an advocate for truth and healing. So naturally, therefore, my emotional mastery method might initially feel a bit rough. But, when you start finding answers to the questions you ask yourself (even those you’re afraid of), break free from self-destructing behaviors, and begin loving yourself and living your best life, you will feel powerful and empowered.

If you have looked everywhere, are desperate for a solution, and you’re ready to stop being held hostage by your emotional misery, your journey to emotional mastery starts here.

It’s the secret to finding yourself!

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