I show you how to go from $0 coin to over $1,000,000 quick in this Noob to Pro video for beginner players and even players who have been stuck trying to gain coin but can’t seem to get over that 1 million coin hump. Someone also tried to pull a fast one on little old bacon hair DV in this video as well, but we showed them!

IMPORTANT: Due to the length of the video I overpaid or under priced items 100% intentionally so that it would not take long to find trades and so I would not have to compete with others with the same price. Great deals = fast bites. You can make MUCH more than what I show you in this video, always check official Discord #trading channel for latest prices before buying or selling. And lastly, this video doesn’t bridge you to moving to 10M or 100M but if you want that video I can make it.

Oh, hey, 10K SUBS! Thank YOU ALL for all of the kind words for our big 10K Subs! Now to 20K???

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