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Welcome to The Horror Hour. Today’s podcast episode, we’re talking about the best hidden gems on @Shudder. Join Liam, Yutaka, @George Alexander and @ZZAVID as they discuss an array of great content that can be found on our favorite streaming service, Shudder! (Not Sponsored)

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00:00 – Intro
03:15 – Yutaka’s 1st Pick
05:57 – Liam’s 1st Pick
10:40 – David’s 1st Pick
15:15 – George’s 1st Pick
17:00 – Yutaka’s 2nd Pick
19:41 – Liam’s 2nd Pick
25:00 – David’s 2nd Pick
29:04 – George’s 2nd Pick
32:09 – Yutaka’s 3rd Pick
35:00 – Liam’s 3rd Pick
39:20 – David’s 3rd Pick
43:16 – George’s 3rd Pick
46:14 – Movie recommendations
52:35 – Outro

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