Film : Gun Pe Done
Stracast : Jimmy Shergill,Tara Alisha Berry, Bidita Bag, Vrajesh Hirjee, Sanjay Mishra & Others
Director : Abhik Bhanu
Music : Rimi Dhar
Writer : Abhik Bhanu

The story is about a gangster called Kamachi Bhai who is mesmerized by a budding actress named Razia. Kamachi goes to Razia’s house to hire her to perform for him and his politician boss and the woman’s boyfriend, Pancham Singh, pushes her to do it for the ’10 million she will be paid. After the deal is closed, Sanjana, a journalist, comes to Razia and Pancham with her crew because they want to do a sting operation on the politician mafia boss. Pancham then has the idea of sending Sanjana to perform for the gangsters instead of his girlfriend Razia. What happens at the party when their paths collide forms the crux of the story

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