I sometimes teach Filipino Martial Arts, I say sometimes because my real income is from other subjects, and I am very glad to, and when I do, I teach a generic foundation buried inside what I’ve learned from the Inosanto Systems (many classic styles) and Presas Family Arnis. My goal is to seek out the universal, best core found in all of them, which is why I like to call it, Essential FMA. Learn the essentials and fit in everywhere. This month, in the rotation of free films, I am putting up another fun FMA film, my stick-vs-stick generic, universal disarm breakdown, using the 5 major categories. Shot at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

1) Impact Disarm
2) Stick Snake Disarm
3) Hand Snake Disarm
4) Strip and Keep Disarm
5) Strip and Send Disarm

After a sudden, solid stunning blow in sparring-fighting, the enemy’s action may slow down, and allow for a trick or two. Like a disarm. (Or, you might be super-duper faster? Or, The opponent is dumb? Or, whatever. Anyway…) This breakdown, done versus the unforgettable thrusts and swings via Combat Clock was-is a great way to organize training for me.

This simplicity might be a problem for some and violate established formats. For example, a Guro in England one time couldn’t believe the simplicity and said “what about this one?” and he showed me one and I said, “Well, that’s a strip and keep because you grabbed the stick,” and so on. identifying the categories, helps pinpoint the exact training progression for each, to include counters.

Anyway, you might find this fun and helpful. If not? Such is life and horse racing.