In this extended 15th episode of the ‘NoSoKoPo’, Jay & Tim interview the amazing and multi-talented Maisie Rose Duff – amongst other achievements, Maisie has lived in South Korea, speaks Korean very well, is a videographer and also is the co-creator of the very popular Waegukins (외국인) account on Instagram – and our jabbering duo also chat at length about this year’s London Korean Film Festival, as well as review and/or cover a few movies seen from this festival, as well as discuss the upcoming Kimjang Festival 2021 which graces the high street of New Malden on the 20th November, plus talk of local Korea-Town business, the progress of Jason Verney’s mid-length drama film and a whole lot more.

Video viewers (rather than audio listeners) will have the ‘pleasure’ of seeing Jay and Tim’s faces and the added ‘BONUS’ of witnessing a video of Maisie ‘acting’ in her very own “Squid Game” after the end credits – As always, is where to head for all the video versions of these Not So Korean Podcast episodes.

Further information on subjects covered in this episode:


Recorded & filmed on 13th November 2021 (Interview with Maisie Rose Duff took place on 8th September 2021).

The music featured in this show is by the wonderful Kaya:

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