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In conversation with Umair Qureshi, this episode explores education system of Pakistan. What is ‘thinking school organization’? How it is different? What is the primary purpose of education? Do we need higher education? What is vocational training? Why we lack in it in Pakistan? What is the debate on ‘Single National Curriculum’? Tune in to know more on critical thinking, Montessori system and what kind of tech can be integrated in our education systems in coming years!

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0:00 Education system of Pakistan
0:45 How long he has been in this industry?
2:43 Thinking School Organization
5:02 How ‘thinking schools’ are different?
7:56 Primary purpose of education
13:49 Do we need university?
20:33 Lack of vocational training in Pakistan
30:12 Undocumented system
34:13 ‘Single National Curriculum’ Debate
48:33 Which exam system, thinking schools will integrate?
49:49 How many students are enrolled in thinking schools so far?
50:43 Montessori system
52:09 What kind of tech can be integrated in education system?

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