Newt ends up looking after a parcel that was delivered to Zee’s place, as he was not at home to receive it. Her imagination runs riot as to what’s inside, and it’s not long before she’s unable to resist opening the thing. Just one peek results in utter carnage being unleashed. Can she put the contents back in the box and cover up her indescretion so Zee doesn’t find out?

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Meet the Oddbods:
Fuse ❤️ red – strong muscle, strong-willed
Bubbles 💛 yellow – smart, loves science and discovery
Newt 💗 pink – caring and sweet
Zee 💚 green – loves eating and sleeping
Slick 🧡 orange – a cool cat, loves a party
Jeff 💜 purple – loves cleaning and being neat
Pogo 💙 blue – playful, loves playing tricks

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00:00 Don’t Open the Box
08:00 Sugar Crash
14:42 Deserted
22:42 Every Cloud
29:25 Bumble Bubbles
37:24 Driving Jeff Crazy