Davina McCall has been an icon of television for 30 years. The host of Big Brother for over a decade, tens of millions of people looked to Davina to bring a national obsession into their homes.

0:00 Intro
02:19 Your most defining moment
13:59 What did you want to be when you were 16?
19:09 When did you first go into TV
23:06 the moment you got off drugs
30:40 Hypnosis healing trauma
35:44 Your desire to be famous
39:31 Your states of happiness now
43:24 Your career in TV
47:26 Manifestation
52:21 Ads
54:10 Your sister Caroline
01:14:02 The process of grief
01:18:20 Your book Menopausing
01:26:42 Men dealing with menopausal women
01:39:09 Forgiving your mother
01:46:37 The last guest question

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