Discussion: Respect for Grandparents, and Particularly Grandmothers. 10 year old kid, choked his Grandmother Out, while Friend encourages him to catch a Potential viral Video, Instead of Actually Stopping Him. The Video did go viral, but for the Cost of Life. This is Insane. Brief Discussion on how Wrong this is to Actually catch a video, instead of Saying a Life or helping Someone that’s being Victimized. Also, Telling others in other ethnic Groups, how much I Loved both my Grandparents, as well as How much Grandmothers Actually mean to Black Families.
News Clip: https://vidmax.com/video/214936-shock-video-chinese-grandmother-disciplines-10-year-old-child-puts-her-in-headlock-and-chokes-her-to-death
News Article: https://hype.my/2022/292350/10yo-strangles-grandmother-death/
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