Brahmanandam || Superhit Blockbuster Hindi Dubbed Comedy Movie || Ek Aur Krodhi

In this film, the heroine loses her heart and the hero continued to refuse her love till the climax. It is like a parody to Sukumar’s film ‘Arya’ with Allu Arjun as hero, in which the director coined the slogan ‘feel my love’.

Siddhu (Paramesh) never believes in love. For him, girls love boys only if he is rich and could take them around to hotels, pubs and films. After his purse turns empty, they don’t even look at him. Gita (Sindhu Tulani) is a down to earth girl. She believes in fate and had a strong feel that nothing can stop if something has to reach us. Once Siddhu saves Gita when she met with an accident by donating blood.

However, Gita doesn’t know him as she was unconscious. However, she feels that there was some attachment with him as God doesn’t send him to save her. After some time, Gita meets Siddhu and loses her heart totally. Both of them become good friends as their mindset was quite similar. On Valentine’s day, Gita proposes to Siddhu. Being a person, who never believes in love, Siddhu refuses her. But with the help of Siddhu’s father (Naresh), Gita tries to come close to him and tries to impress him in several ways but fails. In order to put a full stop to her advances, Siddhu brings a girl saying he is going to marry her. Even after their engagement, Gita keeps moving around him. When a goon makes a murder attempt, Gita saves Siddhu and the latter serves her in the hospital, making everyone believe that he is loving her. Did Siddhu really love her? Did Gita was able to marry her? What makes him to realise that love is for each other and not exclusively for men? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.