✽II Bhakta Salabega Jukebox II✽
✽II Superhit Odia Jagannath Bhajan II✽
✽II On Odia Bhaktisagar II✽

✽II The Odia Movie Bhakta Salabega Was Released In The Year Of 1983 Which Was Based On The Life Story Of Lord Shri Jagannath’s One Of The Greatest Devotee Shri Salabega. Salabega Has Devoted His Life To Lord Jagannath And Became The Greatest Poet Odisha. We Present You Those Beautiful Songs Written By Bhakta Salabega In The Voice Of Legendary Odia Singers II✽

✽II Video Credits II✽

✽ Song- Bhakta Salabega Juke Box
✽ Movie Name – Bhakta Salabega
✽ Singer – Anuradha Paudwal & Shri Bhikari Bala
✽ Lyrics- Bhakta Salabega
✽ Music- Shri Bhuban
✽ Edited & Designs- Ashirbad Swain
✽ Radio Partner- Odisha Radio
✽ Digital Partner- E Halchal
✽ Music on- Pabitra Entertainment
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