Rated as one of the Best Indian Thriller Short Films, Kaaley is a nail-biting thriller. A business tycoon is planning to convert his black money but his some goons rob his money. Businessman takes the help of a corrupt policeman to trace the money.Thus the rat race for the money begins. The film explores the greed for money in humans. This Bollywood style action thriller movie written & directed by Hamza Ali got positive reviews from The Hindu, Scroll, New Indian Express, Andhra Today & many more. Got Best Short Film nominations & was the Best short film of month. This Hindi short movie features Atul Rastogi, Sunjit Akkinepally, Krishna Shukla, Avinash Agarwal, Snigdha Bawa, Rajnish Songara… ALSO WATCH- 2nd best Indian short film, Tenth Race Ft Pankaj Tripathi- https://youtu.be/nc4IIHMr5Lo
3rd Best Indian thriller short film, Yakeen at https://youtu.be/h3_afXOzNdA
“Noise”, Award winning film about how anger of a person can transform the lives of others- https://youtu.be/1wrI6yjqfd8

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