ATITHI is an attempt to examine the ‘other face’ – flashes of humanity – of a young man totally immersed in the cult of terrorism. Strange as it may sound, we also see flashes of violence (at times) that trickle into the thinking of another man with total belief in non-violence as the ultimate truth of life.

The film revolves around two such characters – a terrorist and a well-meaning Doctor and examines how they affect each other. This assumes special significance because of its contemporary relevance and universal character.

ATITHI is directed by P.Sheshadri on a cooperative basis under the banner “MITRA CHITRA. Story by J.M. Prahlad, dialogues by Boluvaru Md. Kunhi, Music by V. Manohar, Cinematography by Chandru. The cast includes Prakash Rai, HG Dattatreya, Baby Raksha, Lakshmi Chandrashekhar, CR Shashikumar, Dinesh Mangalore, Ramesh Pandith, Kitti, Yashavant Sirdeshpande, and others.

Won Best regional film (2002) at the 49th National Film Award

Screened in:
• International Film Festival of India
• Cairo International Film Festival (Egypt)
• International Film Festival of Kolkatta
• Mumbai International Film Festival