Assyrian History Class: Taught by Robert DeKelaita

During this segment, of the Assyrian History Class: Assyrian Cruelty Real or fictional?

Topics Discussed:

• The Old Testament and its influence
• Details in Assyrian art and archives
• Comparing the Cyrus Cylinder with Assyrian treaties during the Sargonid kings

1:03 – Biblical understanding of Assyrian cruelty, and its influence

3:54 – The Western Church and the opinions of scholars

18:09 – The comparison of the Cyrus cylinder with various Assyrian treaties

20:43 – Assyrian cruelty vs. Persian cruelty

26:32 – methods of death/cruelty in the east and west

37:53 – About Assyrian record

Various authors in the 19th and 20th centuries have referred to the Assyrians as ‘ruthless’ and ‘barbaric’ conquerors whose cruelty is unmatched throughout history. But is this the truth, or have the Assyrians been unfairly portrayed in Western literature? In this class, we look carefully at the practices of the Assyrian state and empire, compare them to the practices of other peoples, and seek to explain the reputation of the Assyrians in the West.

To serve as a reminder, there will NOT be class next week due to Thanksgiving.

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Image Source: A drawing of Assyrian soldiers that appeared in the book “THE HISTORY OF COSTUME” by Braun & Schneider (c. 1860). Note the ‘classical’ poses of the figures and their nonchalant manner as they hold a severed head of an enemy combatant.