In this video I try to make your brain melt by reading (in a soft voice) from two books about the history of music. The books are in Dutch so chances are you won’t understand everything I’m saying; however, you’ll recognize most people in the pictures so you’ll definitely get the gist of things.
Reading from a book out loud is not my usual thing on this channel but I enjoy being read to myself so I hope to be of some use to people who enjoy bedtime stories before falling asleep or maybe when they’re wanting to relax.
The plan was to create subtitles in English but I didn’t find the time to make them, sorry. Maybe YouTube produces them automatically (auto-translation)? No idea. It would be pretty amazing if they did. We’ll see.
Thanks for listening! I enjoyed creating this video even if the editing process was agony as listening to my voice makes me cringe. 🙂
The video starts with a short intro in English. For the actual book reading in Dutch, skip to 00:01:27

What you’ll hear:
– page turning
– reading in a soft voice
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Thanks for being here.
Take good care of yourself.
– ♥ Kat