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پہلی افغان انگریز جنگ کی کہانی جس میں بہادر افغانوں نے انگریزوں کی اینٹ سے اینٹ بجا دی
💡 The first Anglo-Afghan war was fought between the British Empire and the Afghan ruler, Dost Muhammad, from 1838 to 1842. The British invaded Afghanistan to reinstall Shah Shujah as the ruler of Afghanistan. However, Dost Muhammad’s son Akbar Khan turned the tables on the British in 1841. During the winter of 1841-42, the British Kabul garrison was annihilated while on its way to Jalalabad. But the British retaliated by launching another military campaign in Afghanistan. In the end, the British were forced to reinstate Dost Mohammad as the emir of Afghanistan.

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