00:00 – Liszt Ferenc – Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
01:03 – Tükrös zenekar – Szatmári verbunkos
09:39 – Téka együttes – Huszárgyerek, huszárgyerek
18:29 – Fokos zenekar – Pecesori katonadalok
20:23 – Kossuth Nóta
22:45 – Rákóczi induló
25:50 – Klapka induló
29:59 – Fokos zenekar – Pecesori katonadalok
31:15 – Esik az eső ázik a heveder
35:11 – Kossuth nóta

1848-49 are the years of the biggest Hungarian freedom war and revolution in history , where the freedom fighters gave their life for freedom and civic democracy. The united effort of Russian empire, Habsburgs and their Croatian, Serbian, Romanian allies, at the end defeated the Hungarian effort. This story and ambience video includes Ferenc Liszt music, Hungarian no 2 Rhapsody, Verbunk dances, Hungarian marches like Rákóczi and Klapka march and also battle noises and execution of the Aradi martyrs. Enjoy this 3/4 hour video which teleports you to the age of the 1848 revolutions.

I hereby thank all the great artist who made this video possible to be created. Special thanks for Zalán Kertai and Téka együttes for allowing me to use their work in my video, without any advertisement or content ID. Please check out and support the artist, if you like the video, and want to explore what more they have to offer.

Téka együttes:

Tükrös zenekar:


Fokos zenekar:

Tavaszi hadjárat. Huszár- és katonaénekek

Zalán Kertai:

Kertai Zalán, a hagyományőrző festőművész

Wikipedia commons / public domain:
Jan Styka :
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Verbunk pictures :
Lipót Strelisky :ót+Strelisky&title=Special:MediaSearch&go=Go&type=image

Contributing in making the video:
Adamsi, my friend made the frame and helped with the English subtitles.

This video is not and will never be monetized by me. The only goal is education and remembrance of the 1848 Hungarian freedom war and revolution.