【Chinese Name】

孙其君 Steven Sun / 周子熙 Zixi Zhou / 李立群 Lichun Lee

The small blacksmith Lv San Si who has a dream to become a hero comes across his worship of the chivalrous hero Bai Li Wu You, and escorts a female hatchet man of the Western Depot He Qing Ying for the hero. However, He Qing Ying told him another story. She asserts that she is in fact the chivalrous person who is oppressed by the Western Depot, and Bai Li Wu You is the minion who betrays the justice! Lv San Si has to distinguish the truth carefully from lies. The female hatchet man may not be a female hatchet man, and the hero may not be a hero. The justice and the evil are hard to distinguish. Lv San Si finds that, the world is totally different from what he imagines.
#DesertLegend #Comedy #Action #Growth #Costume #爱奇艺大电影iqiyimovietheater

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