【Chinese Name】1931刺杀宋子文之谜
【Starring】胡杨 Hu Yang / 李自超 Li Zichao
【Synopsis】On July 23, 1931, in the compartment of a train on the Beijing-Shanghai railway line from Nanjing to Shanghai, were sitting Song Ziwen, Minister of Finance of the Republic of China and Mamoru Shigemitsu, the Japanese ambassador to China. At the North Station of Shanghai Railway Station, 300 kilometers away, the “anti-Chiang faction” in the Kuomintang channeled the “No. 1 killer of the Republic of China” Wang Yaqiao, and the Japanese “magic soldier” Takashi Tanaka colluded with the Shanghai gangsters, and a shocking murder was about to be staged here. Gunshots rang out and the crowd scattered. However, it was another young man wearing the same hat who was shot and fell to the ground. Why did the bullets originally shot at Song Ziwen and Shigemitsu finally fall on others? Before the incident, who did the two mysterious gunshots resounding over the North Station? What is the mystery behind the intricate murder case?
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